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To motivate our students to acquire mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills in a meaningful and enjoyable learning environment.    


Every student is provided with a variety of learning experiences to help him or her develop a deep understanding in mathematical concepts, and to make sense of various mathematical ideas, as well as their connections and applications in real-life situations. 

The school advocates the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to help students build a strong foundation in the learning of mathematics. Besides, students are also exposed to various problem-solving skills, thinking skills and heuristics, and how these skills can be applied to solve problems. 

Cooperative and experiential learning experiences are also emphasized to make the learning of mathematics fun, meaningful and relevant for our students.      

The following are some of the key programmes our students will participate in:   

Maths@Play (Primary 1 to 4)

In Casuarina Primary School, we believe in making learning Mathematics fun and exciting for our students! Through Mathematics-based games and activities, we encourage and guide our students to construct and master their knowledge of Mathematics.

Our annual Maths@Play is another stimulating platform for our students to practise and put their Mathematics knowledge to good use. We transform our Mathematics classrooms into a big playground to allow our students to interact with and challenge their peers in some healthy and fun competitions.  

In Term 1, our Primary 3 and 4 students took up the MAD (Multiplication And Division) Challenge and PAM (Plus And Minus) Rocket Race as they put their knowledge of basic Mathematics facts to the test. In the good spirit of fun and competition, students worked in teams to challenge and battle their fellow peers for game points that they exchanged for goodie snacks to celebrate their well-deserved victories!      
Check out our students in action below. 

Maths@play P4b.JPGMaths@play 3c.JPG
 IMG_4497.JPG IMG_4551.JPG
 IMG_4678.JPG IMG_4681.JPG
 IMG_4615.JPG IMG_4655.JPG

Multiplication Marathon (Primary 2)

Students challenge one another on their mastery of multiplication facts.

MM p2a.JPGMM p2e.JPG

Maths Olympiad Programme (Primary 4 to 6; selected pupils)

High-progressing students are enrolled in this enrichment programme to expose them to a wide repertoire of problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills.