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Programme For Active Learning (PAL)

PAL@CAPS stands for Programme for Active Learning at Casuarina Primary School. A programme for lower primary students (P1 and P2), PAL@CAPS offers learning experiences that are active, hands-on and meaningful. Students are exposed to experiential learning and active participation in two broad areas:


Through PAL@CAPS, our students are engaged in fun and enjoyable activities that incorporates values education and social-emotional learning (SEL). PAL@CAPS focuses on character development, SEL competencies and leadership skills.

PAL@CAPS is designed to allow our students grow up to be confident persons, adept at working with people from different backgrounds and able to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively. Students are also encouraged to be curious learners who like to ask questions and are not afraid to make mistakes. In addition, PAL@CAPS provides opportunities for pupils to develop bonds of friendship with their peers.

The diagram below shows the exciting, fun-filled PAL@CAPS modules. 


P1 VIA Module.jpg

P1 SnG Module.png

P1 PA Module.jpg

P2 OE Module.png