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PSG Activities

Amazing Family Race @CAPS

It was indeed heartening to see 42 families, comprising 154 parents and their children, coming together to participate actively in the school’s inaugural Amazing Family Race on 19 March. The objective of the event was to foster close bonding among family and team members. During the event, every member of the team put in their best effort to work hand-in-hand to accomplish the fun and engaging tasks and challenges at the various stations. They also discovered and appreciated each other’s unique contributions as they worked towards the common goal of completing the race. A buffet lunch was served at the end of the race enabling family members to enjoy the meal together. We wish to extend our heartiest congratulations to the winning teams. 

Mother's Day Event @CAPS

It was a joyous occasion to see mothers and their children coming together to celebrate Mother’s Day in an enriching and meaningful way on 10th May. The mothers attended a personal grooming workshop whereby they picked up some practical tips on facial skin care and basic makeup while their children attended a hands-on workshop on cupcake decorating using various icing mediums. At the end of the concurrent workshops, each child presented their personally decorated cupcakes to his/her mother as an expression of their love for their mothers at the tea reception.