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Principal's Message

Casuarina Primary School started this year as a new merged school formed between Casuarina Primary School and Loyang Primary School.  I am honoured to be appointed as the Principal of merged Casuarina Primary School. For many months before the merger this year, committed educators and staff from both schools had worked conscientiously and collaboratively to prepare both school communities to come together as one school.  I would like to thank my predecessor principals, Ms Karen Albuquerque (Casuarina Primary School, 2015-2018)) and Mdm Pang Siu Shan (Loyang Primary School, 2010-2018), for their strong leadership in building up both schools over the years and for their tremendous support to ensure a successful start towards a great future for the merged school.  

The merger of the two schools presents an exciting future for students and staff as there will be many opportunities for us to build on the strengths of both schools for the holistic development of our students. Over the years, the two schools had successfully implemented diverse programmes to provide enriching learning experiences for the students to cater to their holistic development. As a merged school, we are poised to deliver better programmes that contribute to our vibrant learning environment for our students. We believe that the merger of the two schools has brought all of us together on this new journey to build an even stronger school.  Hence our theme for 2019, “Stronger Together”!

With the merger, programmes from both schools are integrated to strengthen the holistic experience for the students. Our Applied Learning Programme, “Nature-based Education”, our  Lifelong Learning Programme, “HE’ARTS@CAPS” and our signature programme, “The Art of Language” are key programmes in the merged Casuarina Primary School that belonged to both former schools. Hence, the students in the merged school will now enjoy an enhanced learning experience from these unique programmes.  

We strongly believe that teaching and learning are most effective in a caring school environment whereby children grow as confident individuals who show respect to one another. In Casuarina, every child matters and each child must be developed to his or her fullest potential. We want to inspire learning in our students so as to enable them to enjoy learning and to become confident and self-directed learners. To nurture character, we inculcate values that our students could anchor on to enable them to grow into concerned citizen and active contributors who can make a positive difference in society.       

As we move forward together as one new entity, the key milestones and history of both Casuarina Primary School and Loyang Primary School will be encapsulated in the Heritage Gallery. Past, current and future students and staff will learn of the rich heritage and successes of both schools and be inspired to strive for excellence.  

With a deeply committed staff and caring educators, Casuarina aims to be a school that nurtures engaged pupils and fosters strong partnerships with parents and the community. To this end, we look forward to working closely with our parents and community at large to do our best for the pupils. May we join hands and forge closer ties to enable our children to grow and blossom into confident and self-directed learners, concerned citizen and active contributor.   

I wish everyone a fulfilling year 2019.