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Principal's Message

Casuarina Primary School has established itself on a firm foundation through the last 14 years. The commitment and dedication of the staff, students and parents to quality education throughout these years are evident in the many achievements which the school has attained.
Grounded on its SEARCH (Selflessness, Endurance, Adaptability, Responsibility, Compassion and Honesty) values, the school has set the pathway to soar to greater heights through the Strategic Thrusts of Holistic Education, Quality Staff and Organisational Excellence. 

As each child enters the gates of the school, special in his/her uniqueness, the school provides a variety of student-centric experiences to develop the unique talents and potential. Anchored on the philosophy that Every Child is a Gem, children are developed to grow holistically in the wide range of knowledge and skills identified through the CAPS domains (Cognitive, Aesthetics, Physical and Social-moral-emotional). The school aims to develop its students into effective communicators, critical thinkers and ICT-savvy individuals; and to enable them to be resilient and passionate learners of good character. 

The school prides itself in its staff-valued environment, where all work in unity for the common good of the school and its students. All staff commit themselves to providing quality student engagement in the classroom and developing strong teacher-student relationships for a quality school experience across the six years.
In providing each child with quality and valuable learning experiences, the school believes in a healthy home-school partnership. The strong collaborative ties established between parents and the school provide a safe and supportive environment for each child to learn and grow confidently. 

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, at Casuarina Primary School, we strive to give our students the best education that they deserve, we encourage them to have the courage to pursue their dreams and we wish for all Casuarinians to be happy learners in the foundation stage of their educational journey. In the words of John Dewy, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” 

May this year be a meaningful and fruitful one for all - students, staff and parents, as we grow together as a Casuarina family. 

Ms Karen Albuquerque