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School Homework Policy


Definition of homework
Homework refers to any learning activity that students are required by the school to complete outside  of curriculum time. This includes assignments and projects but not revision of school work or studying  for tests and examinations.

Objectives of homework
In Casuarina Primary School, we believe in the appropriate delivery of homework to our pupils to  reinforce their learning. Therefore, homework aims to reinforce pupils learning and allow pupils to  practise and apply concepts taught. It also helps to instill in them good study habits and to take  ownership of their own learning. 

For parents, homework can provide them with timely feedback on their child’s learning progress and  by providing the necessary guidance, allow you the opportunity to participate in their child’s learning. 

For the teachers, homework allows them to consolidate the concepts taught and also check for  understanding. In doing so, it allows them to give timely feedback and plan intervention to address  teaching and learning gaps.

Guidelines on time spent on homework
Normal school week:
Level Approximate Daily Homework
P1 & 2 ½ - 1 hour
 P3 & 4 1.0 – 1.5 hours 
 P5 & 6 1.5 – 2.0 hours 
(Note: Duration listed is for an average child. It may vary from child to child. Your child may take more  or less time to complete the same set of work)

School Holidays:
School holidays are meant for students to take a break from formal learning and they should therefore  not be given excessive homework. Moderate homework is given during the school holidays to allow  pupils to keep in touch with their learning. This will be less than the load given during the school  week.

Communication on homework issued
Homework to be given to the class is to be written by the teacher on the whiteboard for reference for  all pupils and as well as other teachers teaching the class. Pupils will also write their homework  assigned into their pupils’ handbooks.

Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
Pupils should:
  • Understand the purpose of homework and what is expected of them;
  • Keep track of homework instructions and deadlines;
  • Manage time well to ensure that homework is completed and submitted on time;
  • Give his/her best effort in completing homework; and
  • Review feedback from teachers on homework submitted

Parents should:
  • Create a home environment conducive for studying and completion of homework;
  • Supervise and provide support for child’s learning;
  • Reinforce good study habits and attitudes;
  • Be mindful not to overload the child with out-of-school activities; and
  • Work in partnership with teachers to support child’s learning and development.

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