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Arts Education at Casuarina Primary School



Every Casuarinian – A lover of the Arts.


To instill in every Casuarinian a lifelong love for the arts. We believe in developing our pupils to become passionate learners in the Aesthetics and live arts through a comprehensive range of experiences.

 Aesthetics Framework

aestetic frame.jpg

The Aesthetics Framework depicts a ring with a precious gem that glows for itself and others. The three layers that emanate from the gem shows the progression of and the spiral approach to the Arts Education programme planned for the different levels namely the foundation level - P1 and P2, the intermediate level – P3 and P4 and the advanced level – P5 and P6. These three layers of AE takes the form of a burning flame which begins with igniting the passion of the arts, keeping the ember radiating and burning and at its peak, it will be set ablaze. 




Framework Focus


Primary 1

Experience and Ignite

Primary 2


Primary 3

Explore and Radiate

Primary 4


Primary 5

Excel and Blaze

Primary 6