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Music Programme @ CAPS



Primary 1

General Music Programme

Orff Percussion

Primary 2

General Music Programme

Orff Percussion

Primary 3

General Music Programme

Recorder Mastery 1

Digital Music: Composing with GarageBand Loops

Primary 4

General Music Programme

 Recorder Mastery 2

 Ukulele Mastery 1

Primary 5

Singapore Heritage Music

Ukulele Mastery 2

Primary 6

African and Japanese Music Cultures


Composing with GarageBand Loops (P3)

In order to equip students with relevant skills for the future, students are given the chance to compose music using the GarageBand App. Over the span of 10 weeks in Primary 3, students learn how to compose music using pre-recorded loops. 


casuarina primary school composing garage band loops music


Arts Ablaze - Musical Kaleidoscope (P3)

Primary 3 Students are exposed to various cultural music and instruments. They have fun learning how to play the instruments in an ensemble. Important musical skills such as audiation and ensemble playing are picked up during the intense one day programme. 

music arts ablaze musical kaleidoscope casuarina primary

Ukulele Programme (P4)

Students in Primary 4 learn how to strum basic chords on the ukulele as they sing to popular tunes. The ukulele programme in Casuarina Primary school provides a fun and engaging avenue to encourage instrument mastery.

music 3.jpg


Sing50 Fund Adopt a Piano programme

"The Sing50 Fund is created to preserve and promote Singapore’s musical heritage. It is supported by The Straits Times (ST) and The Business Times (BT), and is managed by non-profit organisation The Rice Company. Casuarina Primary School is one of the 50 schools to successfully adopt a Steinway-designed Lang Lang baby grand piano. The arrival of the grand piano allows students to have a broader platform to showcase their talent."

sing50 fund adopt piano programme casuarina primary music

Updates and events:




29th July 2015


Concert at the National Gallery Singapore


More on the Sing50 Fund can be found here.