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Speech and Drama

Effective Communication Programmes

Primary 1
Phonics Programme Little Starz Programme
Primary 2
Kidz Theatre Programme
Primary 3
Speech & Drama Programme
Primary 4 & 5
Public Speaking Programmes - Spotlight Speakers
Primary 6
PSLE Oral Skills Based Programme Morning Effective Communication@CAPS Programme

In addition to the programmes, during EL oral periods, pupils engage in activities such as speech and drama, poetry recitation, story-telling, project work presentations, Readers’ Theatre as well as oral skills examination-based instruction.

Pupils are given opportunities to perform on stage at intra- and inter-school levels through oratorical school activities such as the annual Lower Primary EL Storytelling Competition, English Language Week, debates, public speaking and choral reading.

Slide6.JPG Readers' Theatre Performance Class Debate

English Language Week

The English Language Week is held annually in conjunction with Speak Good English Movement (SGEM). During the course of the week, pupils engage in a variety of activities ranging from speech & drama performances onstage, public speaking, storytelling, Readers’ Theatre, debates and the like. The primary aims of the English Language Week are to reiterate the importance of speaking standard English as well as to provide platforms for pupils to showcase their talents.

Structured Reading Programmes

In Casuarina Primary, we encourage our pupils to read widely. The structured reading programme aims to expose our pupils to a wide variety of reading materials that ranges from fiction to non-fiction. It provides opportunity for pupils to read and be exposed to a wide repertoire of reading materials and genres, complementing the class iREAD Library Programme as well as the Library Immersion Programme (LIP).

Primary 1 & 2
Steps into Reading Programme
Primary 3
National Geographic Programme
Primary 4, 5 & 6
ST Little Red Dot Programme