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Visual Arts

Art Programme @ CAPS



Primary 1

2D Fine Art- Basic Drawing and Action Painting

3D Fine Art: Plasticine /modelling clay Sculpture

Digital Media(1)- Creating a digital house(M. Word)


Artist Focus: Jackson Pollock

Primary 2

2D Fine Art-Batik (I) and Oil Pastel and Watercolour painting

3D Fine Art-recycled materials sculpture

Digital Media(2)- Basic Photography and Photo journal (M. Ppt)


Artist Focus: Vincent Van Gogh

Primary 3

2D Fine Art-Batik(II) and Pop Art

3D Fine Art: 3D model estate (PW) and Recycling Art

Digital Media(3)-Digital Mosaic(M.Ppt) and using the ‘HeART of the Singapore River’ app


Artist Focus: Andy Warhol

Primary 4

2D Fine Art-Batik (III)

3D Fine Art (Clay Sculptures)

Digital Media(4)-Digital Art using the ‘HeART of the Singapore River’ app


Artist Focus: Cheong Soo Pieng

Primary 5

2D Fine Art: Batik(IV) Heritage Art – Batik Painting

3D Fine Art-Paper Mache’

Digital Media(5)-Digital Painting using Art Rage


Artist Focus: Sarkasi Said

Primary 6

2D Fine Art-Pointillism

3D Fine Art-Prop making for P6 Musical

Digital Media(6)- World Art: Typography

Artist Focus: Georges-Pierre Seurat

P2 CCP- Chinese Calligraphy

As part of the Co-curriculum programme, students learn the heritage art of Chinese calligraphy at Primary 2. They will be exposed to the basic strokes of calligraphy and have fun learning about the evolution of the Chinese character.

P2 Calligraphy ccp casuarina primary school arts programme

P3 Arts Bonanza – Learning Journey to Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

Primary 3 Students are exposed to contemporary art when they visited the Singapore Art Museum during the Arts Bonanza. The Learning Journey to the museum will give students the opportunity to express their thoughts through arts and to be able to use appropriate vocabulary to describe art work and feelings towards different artworks.

P3 museum casuarina primary students arts learning journey arts bonanza singapore art museum sam

P4 Sculpture Walk @ Singapore River

Students have the opportunity to view artworks such as sculptures outside of a museum. The walk takes place along the Singapore River and students get to learn about the history of Singapore through the sculptures. After the learning journey, students even get to learn how to make 3D sculptures of their own!

casuarina primary students learning journey singapore river sculpture walk arts


Digital Art Programme

The digital art programme provides a fun and engaging platform for students to incorporate the use of ICT to create artworks digitally. They get to explore software such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Art Rage to create beautiful digital artworks.

digital art programme casuarina primary