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Mother Tongue Languages

In Casuarina Primary School, we envisioned our students to be proficient Mother Tongue language (MTL) users with deep appreciation of its culture. 

A progressive development of language learning is adopted to equip students with the essential literacy skills so that they will be confident and effective users of their MTL. Students are provided with scaffolding to master these skills emphasizing on quality teaching. 

Teacher-prepared worksheets and resources have been developed to give students a strong foundation in language skills, grammar and vocabulary. Explicit teaching of language, game based approach, cooperative learning strategies are some of the pedagogical approaches that are used to engage the students in their learning.  

Hands-on learning experiences, ICT-infused lessons and learning journeys are among many learning experiences that the students will go through to make learning of MTL interesting and enjoyable for them. Our students will also go through the Speech and Drama workshop to enhance their oracy skills and confidence in using their MTL.

To ignite students’ passion and appreciation for their MTL and cultures, 

meaningful and engaging activities like MTL Fortnight program are organised for all levels. Students are exposed to different aspects of their MTL cultural activities such dances, musical instruments and poetry. Infusion of MTL values and culture are also done through CCE lessons.


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