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Physical Education

CAPS Physical Education Department - Active Kids, Healthy Lifestyle

PE Vision Mission casuarina primary

In Casuarina, we believe that Every Child is a GEM and we teach the whole child and nurture each child’s unique strengths.
In line with our school’s mission and vision and philosophy, the PE Department believes that every student is unique and should be nurtured to become a resilient and passionate learner of good character through physical education. In addition, we want our students to embrace and lead a healthy lifestyle, aligned to one of our strategic thrusts, Students lead a Healthy Lifestyle and are Equipped with Sports Skills. 

Through Physical Education, we would like our students to:
PE Objectives casuarina primary

Physical Education Curriculum

With the implementation of the new PE syllabus, the lower primary level focuses on mastery of fundamental motor skills such as locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills. Once the foundation is laid, the upper primary level extends on the mastery of discrete skills to focus on more complex combinations and sequences of movements and skills application in games. 

New PE Syllabus singapore casuarina primary

Physical Education Co-Curriculum

PE CoCurriculum casuarina primary

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