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CCP & iCare @ CAPS (Lifeskills)

Co-Curriculum Programme (CCP) P1 and P2 2016

In Casuarina, we offer CCP and iCare @ CAPS (Lifeskills) as part of the learning and developmental package for our young Primary 1 and Primary 2 students. 

CCP takes place for the Primary 1 and Primary 2 students every Friday morning while the other students from Primary 3 to Primary 6 have their CCA. Students go through 2 sections of learning, namely the CCP and iCare @ CAPS (Lifeskills).

The CCP@CAPS is structured for our P1 and P2 students. It provides a myriad of arts and sports experiences, with the focus on skills acquisition and talent development.CCP in Casuarina comprises of Aesthetics and Sports Activities. It aims to provide students with a varied experience in the Arts, equip them with sports skills and it is the broad-based foundation level for our Arts experience in CAPS, where we want our students to Experience and Ignite in the Arts and Sports.

Throughout the year, the Primary 1 students will experience Modern/Contemporary Dance (Level 1), Music (Percussion), Choral Singing and Wushu (Level 1). The Primary 2 students will be engaged in Calligraphy, Music (Wind/Brass), Modern/Contemporary Dance (Level 2) and Wushu (Level 2). All these will be done in conjunction with iCare @ CAPS (Lifeskills).





i-Care@CAPS (Lifeskills)

7.40am to 8.10am

Aesthetics / Sports

8.10am to 9.10am


Aesthetics / Sports

7.40am to 8.40am

i-Care@CAPS (Lifeskills)

8.40am to 9.10am

P1 CCP Schedule

 Module 1Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5 
ModulesModern / Contemporary Dance  WushuGymnastics  Music Mastery
Visual Art 
Intended OutcomesFoundation skills in dance in terms of technique, poise and gracefulness.
Foundation skills in Wushu. Foundation skills in flexibility and agility.  Foundation skills in mastery of music and music theory.    Foundation skills in different mediums of Visual Art. 


P2 CCP Schedule

Terms / SessionTerm 1 and Term 2
7 sessions per module
Term 3 and Term 4
7 sessions per module
Visual ArtsChinese Painting
 Performing ArtsMusic (Wind/Brass)  Modern / Contemporary
Sports & Games



iCare @ CAPS (Lifeskills) Programme

Casuarina Primary recognises the need for our students to be independent and self-reliant. Hence, a new programme, i-Care@CAPS, in 2016 is initiated to equip our P1 and P2 students with some simple but essential life skills to enhance their personal effectiveness.
i-Care@CAPS aims to enable students to become independent in:
taking care of their own needs;
playing an important role at home;
assisting in others’ needs;
making good decisions; and
knowing how to behave in different social dwellings.

Students are engaged in role-play, self-evaluation, peer evaluation and hands-on activities which have been designed according to their age-appropriateness. Hands-on opportunities for students include learning how to organise their work areas, take care of their own image, tidy their own rooms, take phone messages, and so on. 

This programme is led by teachers with parent volunteers as facilitators assisting the students during the weekly lessons. We believe that our tripartite partnership is beneficial not only to students but parents as well.  Hence, we welcome parents and grandparents who can come on board with us to help out during these lessons, from 7.40 am to 8.10 am (P1) and 8.40 am to 9.10 am (P2) every Friday.

CCP iCare lifeskills programme casuarina primary
CCP iCare lifeskills programme casuarina primary
CCP music casuarina primary school
CCP music casuarina primary school
CCP wushu casuarina primary school
CCP arts casuarina primary school