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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department

Every Casuarinian is a proficient, innovative and responsible user of ICT 

Building a culture of IT innovation through a community of inquiry:
  • To enhance the quality of teaching and learning through innovation and ICT 
  • To develop and implement a significant innovation aimed at improving learning outcomes for student

Our goals

  • To empower pupils with the ability of self-directed learning.
  • To build a culture of IT and innovation.  
  • To cultivate an innovative and effective use of ICT for a holistic education.
  • To develop teaching competency and nurture talents in the field of IT. 

Essential Pupil Competencies

focus of ICT skills
 ranges from basic operations (e.g. opening, saving and retrieving a file) to ICT process skills (e.g. using a spreadsheet to process data for analysis and search engines to retrieve current information). Broadly, the ICT skills are categorised into the following areas to support pupils’ learning:

Skills Area


Learning with Searches

(Internet Skills)

Use search engines and keywords

Learning with Spreadsheets

(Skills to Manage Data)

Create, edit and format tables of data

Use mathematical formulae

Learning with Text

(Word Processing Skills)

Type paragraphs of text

Edit and format paragraphs of text

Create and edit tables of data

Learning with Multimedia

(Skills on Presentation Tools)

Combine text with given drawings, pictures, sound, video and animation for a multimedia presentation

Learning with Communication Tools

(Basic Online Communication Tools)

Send email without attachment

Send email with attachment

Learning with Data Collection Tools

(Skills on Collecting & Processing Data)

Record pictures, sound, and video using ICT tools

Record data using data probes

Learning With Integration of Technology (LITE@CAPS)

At Casuarina primary school, all Casuarinians will be a proficient, innovative and responsible user of technology. The school adopts a skills-based approach in the teaching of ICT skills in five main core areas. Teaching is embedded in the curriculum content and is guided by values.  The five core areas are as follows:

ICT lite@caps casuarina primary school framework

Baseline ICT Skills

ICT lite@caps casuarina primary school framework baseline ict skills