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Cyber Wellness

Cyberwellness Framework

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The CAPS cyberwellness framework is crafted based on the MOE's Cyberwellness framework It serves to highlight the different stages that pupils undergo to self-manage their well-being in cyberspace. Embedded in this framework is a structure that promotes collaboration between teachers and parents to guide and empower our pupils with the right knowledge and skills to ensure their own cyber wellness. Teachers and parents collaborate with one another via various communication modes such as the learning management system, handouts and workshops.

Teaching & Learning Approach (3-Tier)

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CAPS Cyberwellness Learning Experience

Level Focus
Primary 1 Introduction to the World Wide Web
Primary 2 Netiquitte
Primary 3 Cyberbullying
Primary 4 Gaming Addiction
Primary 5 Handling Inappropriate Content
Primary 6 Social Networking

CAPS Cyberwellness Activities

Recess Activities (P1-6)

Upgrades and Downgrades Board Game
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IMG_5483.JPG IMG_5488.JPG

Three Strikes
A game Question & Answer game during which pupils rush to retrieve information from notices at the cyberwellness corner and answer 3 consecutive questions pertaining to cyberwellness to win a prize.

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P4 Cyberwellness Bookmark Competition
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P3 Cyberwellness Comic Book Loan out & Quiz 


Computer games selected promotes entrepreneurship and critical thinking. The game requires participants to create a virtual empires with a given starting capital. Throughout these activities, participants will be expected to make strategic decisions on buying and selling, upgrading and decorating or etc. At the end of the two days, teams’ "shops" or "empire" will be assessed based on a list of selected criteria such as size of shop aesthetic attractiveness and amount of profit it generates.

Level Selected Computer Game
Primary 2 Pet Shop Hop
Primary 3 Zoo Empire
Primary 4 Restaurant Empire
Primary 5 Marine Empire

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Cyberwellness Updates

Children use technology in a variety of ways: they're playing games online, sending texts on their phones and are constantly connected to the Internet. With the many risks and challenges involved in the cyber world, safeguarding your child online is just as important as it is in the real world. You can play an important role to help your child have safe and positive experiences online. Click here to read Mrs Jenny Yeo’s thoughts on cyber bullying.

If you have children between 10 to 14 years old, you can try out a new mobile game app, C-Quest, developed by the Ministry of Education. You can use the app to talk with your child about responsible online behaviour and how your child can protect himself in cyber space. The free app for Android devices can be downloaded here. The iOS version will be ready by 1 Nov 2014. More information on the app can be found here.