The programme integrates innovation, ICT, English and CCE with the aim of developing students’ ICT, effective communication and thinking skills, in line with the school’s learning focus. It also takes the learning of the pupils out of the classroom. 

It is a space for students to exchange ideas and opinions on various matters by posting their thoughts on prescribed topics posted monthly. It is also a place for other students to view the postings written by their peers. It is an impactful communication platform to allow the pupils to share their views and concerns on various issues that spans over a broad spectrum of subjects and fields. 

Our aim is to:
  • provide pupils with a platform to articulate their views and express their opinions for effective communication
  • increase awareness of current issues and topics that are of relevance to them 
  • engage pupils in critical thinking processes.

This programme is made up of the following activities:
iThinkStudents will be given the opportunity to come up with an idea in the form of a slogan or statement to express their initial thoughts related to a current local or world affair. 
iSpeakStudents will be given the opportunity to express their opinion about a current local or world affairs after reading or watching a video on it.
 iCreateStudents will be given the opportunity to create small tokens such as bookmarks or postcards to promote awareness on a current local or world affair.

i-Speak @ the iLab


i-Matter @ the Foyer